So it begins…


I never thought I would be sitting here watching the beginning of the end. The majority of Americans appear to have been lulled into a state of apathetic non-action, and now believe everything that is being spoon-fed to them. I stand here in disbelief as my precious rights continue to erode…

The very things Brainclaw strives to illustrate with its songs are happening. I will quote myself: “Take your power back!” The events of 2012 and 2013 can and WILL generate an entire new album, as long as I am still around to compose it. I have no more words to express my disbelief and disappointment.

Please open your eyes and find out the facts. I am always available to speak to if people want straight facts, especially on firearms and their capabilities.

Open plea to the media: It is called a MAGAZINE, not a “clip.” At least get your terms straight, if not your portrayal of the truth.

– David of Brainclaw

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