Industrial music magazine Regen will be conducting an interview this week with Brainclaw, to discuss the upcoming release of DECEPTOR, among other things.

Veteran music writer Ilker Yücel will be conducting the interview. Brainclaw has a longstanding relationship with Regen, having done interviews and having received reviews from them for all past releases. Check back here in a few weeks for links to the interview.

It now looks like the new release will contain at least ten brand-new tracks, with a bonus of at least five remixes, some by Brainclaw, and some by distinguished artists, tentatively including Cesium 137, Dedman and John Ruszin of Collinwood13, ex-Carfax Abbey and Single Bullet Theory.

It is shaping up to be a big album, recorded and mastered in high resolution for superior sound. John Ruszin, also live guitarist for Brainclaw, is lending his talents in recording guitar tracks for this new collection of songs. Be prepared for a meaner, heavier Brainclaw!

It is uncertain at this time if the album will see label release or will be released independently. There is currently some label interest, and time will tell what manner of distribution this will be. We do know that CDs will be pressed, with the possibility of some limited edition deluxe editions. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available…

Welcome to the official BRAINCLAW website, version 5.0 BETA, where you will eventually be able to access all official information on the electro-industrial music project called BRAINCLAW. Please stay tuned for details as the site is fleshed out, and new content is added. We look forward to finally bringing you all the much delayed, but long-awaited release of the new album, DECEPTOR. It has been six tumultuous years since the release of the last album, Dead Monsters.

The Claw have been through some desperate and unusual times, often trying and discouraging, but THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD, and we are going to do just that. The DECEPTOR album is nearly ready to see the light of day. Stay tuned…