Brainclaw has been making aggressive electro-industrial music since October of 1990. It is beat-driven, sci-fi/horror-themed industrial electronic music, with dark content and a gritty vocal style. Brainclaw has been favorably compared to artists such as  Gary Numan, Xymox, Project Pitchfork and Front 242.

The core of Brainclaw is electronic musician David Giuffre, who has also created or participated in the groups Carfax Abbey and God Shaped Void, as well as doing extensive production work for all above projects, as well as Cesium 137, Ian Haag, Raichyl Sinversa, Divers Lust and many others.

His music has appeared in The Matrix and Spiderman movies, as well as several independent film productions including Cherokee Creek. He continues to do production work, having completed recording and production on Carfax Abbey‘s final album, Caustic Revolution, as well as an instrumental album from Native American Cedar Flute artist Ian Haag, and doing the post-production on Cesium 137‘s recording, Science and Sound. In addition, he has just completed and released the latest Brainclaw album, Deceptor.

Many other talented people have made contributions to Brainclaw over the last 20 years:

rs09020602Kim Thompson is Brainclaw‘s live keyboardist, among many other things. She is a creative powerhouse, having been a professional graphic designer, web designer and bass player for Carfax Abbey. Kim is self-taught on both synth and bass, and is a consummate professional on both. She brings her many talents into play in Brainclaw on a regular basis.

johnruszinMaster guitarist John Ruszin III has contributed massive tracks of axe to the new Brainclaw album, Deceptor. He is a longtime friend and collaborator to David. John has been in many successful musical projects; David joined forces with him to cofound the original Carfax Abbey industrial rock project in 1996. Most recently, John recorded and produced Single Bullet Theory‘s latest album.

14680785_10209410669937948_7139525778879196484_nBassist and Carfax Abbey founding member Paul Balestrieri has been playing bass for so long he can’t even remember when he started. He has recently joined Brainclaw to fill the role of live and session bass player, and makes a welcome addition to the Brainclaw ranks. Paul will be joining whatever live show heads out to support Deceptor, and will be adding live bass to future Brainclaw songs as needed.

emeraldcg04Lorie K was Brainclaw‘s live keyboardist on the Insekt/Angel live tour, and was an incredibly fun and creative person, as well as a fantastic player. She regularly made the long trek from Western Pennsylvania to Morrisville for rehearsal sessions. She was known for her interesting stage persona, and had a penchant for throwing rubber insects on the fans!

conduit102304fJames Sewell was Brainclaw‘s live drummer through the Insekt/Angel and Dead Monsters albums. He and David met working at Disc Makers. They had similar musical tastes and became fast friends. At the time, James was the only drummer syncing live to Brainclaw’s stage electronics via headphones. He was a total machine on the drums, lending weight to live shows.

81304024_10156953493742399_9008920574554013696_nTara Lessard was Brainclaw‘s live keyboardist, co-lyric writer and David’s musical partner through the Insekt/Angel and Dead Monsters albums. She parted ways with both David and Brainclaw during the creation of the Deceptor album and has since sadly passed away from a long-term illness. She will be remembered always.


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