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• Friends of Brainclaw

/amodelofcontrol  Regen Music Magazine Brutal Resonance Poponaut Side-Line Music Magazine Vampire Freaks  Darknation  God Save The Qweens  AlterNation

• Bands we like

Gary Numan  Devo  Yello  Front 242  Nine Inch Nails  Peter Murphy  Erasure  Ultravox  John Foxx  Torsion  Depeche Mode  Fakzility  Y-Luk-O  Cesium 137  Neikka RPM  Encoder  Kenji Siratori  Agonoize  Negative Flood Cycle  Tapping The Vein  Carfax Abbey  Endif  Divers Lust  Collinwood 13

•  Guns we like

Glock Firearms  Sig Firearms  Remington Firearms  Smith and Wesson firearms

• Labels we like

Metropolis  E-NOXE  Al!ve  COP International  DSPB Music

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