I never thought I would be sitting here watching the beginning of the end. The majority of Americans appear to have been lulled into a state of apathetic non-action, and now believe everything that is being spoon-fed to them. I stand here in disbelief as my precious rights continue to erode…

The very things Brainclaw strives to illustrate with its songs are happening. I will quote myself: “Take your power back!” The events of 2012 and 2013 can and WILL generate an entire new album, as long as I am still around to compose it. I have no more words to express my disbelief and disappointment.

Please open your eyes and find out the facts. I am always available to speak to if people want straight facts, especially on firearms and their capabilities.

Open plea to the media: It is called a MAGAZINE, not a “clip.” At least get your terms straight, if not your portrayal of the truth.

– David of Brainclaw

The Silver Ninja Book CoverHey, friends.

My friend Wilmar Luna just published his first book, and I thought some of you might be interested. It is a sci-fi actioner called The Silver Ninja:

“Life was good for New Yorker Cindy Ames. Sure, her husband’s top secret weapons projects were a little… weird, but at least her career as a gymnastics instructor didn’t involve any covert government contracts. Cindy’s life was peaceful. That is until she snuck into her husband Jonas’ lab after hours. What began as an innocent curiosity catapults her life into an exciting thrill ride, as Cindy accidentally merges with Jonas’ prototype nanosuit.

Like a teenager stealing her parents’ car for the night, Cindy becomes an armored super heroine known as The Silver Ninja or so she thought… She soon discovers that the suit is not at all what it appears to be. As it secretly blurs the line between good and evil, Cindy unknowingly becomes more aggressive, violent and apathetic to the world around her. Cindy becomes her own worst enemy as she plummets into a downward spiral of psychological oblivion. To make matters worse, she must prevent a violent coup d’état from erupting in New York City.

Cindy will have to suit up and fight through an avalanche of futuristic weaponry to stop more innocent lives from being lost. But can she overcome her personal demons before becoming the villain? Will Cindy be able to save herself in time to save her family?”

I advised on his gunfight scenes, and the book is pretty damn good. Give it a try; you can get it in paperback or digital form:

Buy The Silver Ninja

Thanks, friends!

– David