Back in the Brainclaw saddle, working with newly upgraded Digital Performer 10 from MOTU.

We have been writing with some new tools, and working on the newest Brainclaw material in the last two weeks! The release last May of the long-awaited DECEPTOR closed a chapter in the Brainclaw story, and with the construction of this new song, “A Tension,” we are opening a brand-new chapter. We look forward to debuting new music for you soon! Stay tuned, Clawlings.

Last week, Facebook decided we were simply too dangerous to leave with a public voice. Brainclaw, God Shaped Void, Independent Free Thinker and David’s personal account were all vaporized, no reason given, no appeal. These are the times we live in. If you think you won’t be touched, you are wrong. Keep your voices and fight back against tyranny wherever possible. We are already on Gab, Parler and remain on Instagram for the time being. We will go where the freedom is, period. When we lose our voices, we lose our ability to fight. If they keep pushing us into a corner, we may have to fight in other ways. That would be terrible. Carry on, friends.

deceptor_cover_03As digital releases suffer from a disappointing lack of liner notes, I wanted to supply some vital information for the new Brainclaw release, DECEPTOR:

▪️Vocalist/Lyricist: Tara Lessard

▪️Bassist: Noel Conklin of Carfax Abbey

▪️Guitarist: John Ruszin III of Carfax Abbey/Modern Day Grey

▪️Vocalist/Lyricist: Gary Billings of Carfax Abbey/God Shaped Void

DECEPTOR is dedicated to the late Tara Lessard who contributed so much to this recording. Rest, T. You have earned it.